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Katei-Ka: Home Ec the (Surprising) Japanese Way
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I remember my only Home Economics, or “Home Ec,” class, packed into the spring semester of my 8th grade year. I still recall the room, filled with giggling, pubescent girls. … Read More

Be Intentional: Overcome Fear to Connect Across Cultures
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At 12 years old, Emeline was full of fear about what lay ahead. She knew her world would change soon. She simply didn’t want to let go of the familiar. With the departure date … Read More

Sumo: Is it all about Fat Guys?
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Sports are important in all cultures. For most of the world football (called soccer in the U.S.) is king. Many cultures, however, have their own national pastimes. The Japanese, for … Read More

Unveiling the Gift: Discovery through Challenge
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Farah’s initial shyness disguised her accomplished past. In her native Tunisia, she lived as a respected doctor. But her entire world changed in the last two years, almost as if … Read More

3 Cultures Meet at a (Coffee) Bar: Understanding the Definitions
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Cross-Cultural runs into MultiCultural and they go get a coffee together. While imbibing their brew, InterCultural spies them from afar. They invite her to pull up a chair to their … Read More

Stepping into the New: Tribe Conference 2016
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For me, heading to the Tribe Conference this year was like crossing an ocean. It was all new for me. It was crossing a continent, since the conference takes place … Read More