Here is how you can help build CultureWeave whenever you make ANY purchase on Amazon. We've broken it down into 8 simple steps. That sounds like a lot, but they really are SIMPLE. 

  1. First go to our CultureWeave Resources Library.
  2. Select any book listed (ideally one you might want to purchase, but that's not necessary).
  3. Click on the picture. It'll take you to that book's Amazon page, but tag you as referred by CultureWeave.
  4. Put the item in the cart.
  5. Then sign in to your Amazon account.
  6. Do any other shopping you want to do. ALL items qualify.
  7. You can even delete the original item from the cart, if you wish.
  8. Items in your cart purchased within 30 days from that time qualify for a small referral fee to CultureWeave. The amount is quite small, but added to others, it will help us grow!

(This works for overseas orders. It also works for orders placed through AmazonSmile. Questions? Contact Us.)

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Couple Shopping