How to a Turn Social Blunder into an Excellent Life Lesson
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Personality Types & Work Styles – And a Cross-Cultural Life Lesson Not long ago I was on a webinar, listening to Carson Tate, a productivity coach, share about four types … Read More

Hospitality With Limits? What Do You Think?
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Does our hospitality have its limits? And, should it? I faced this question square on a while back. And it caused me to rethink my understanding of what true hospitality … Read More

How I Found Magic & Lasting Friendship in a Japanese Ryokan
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Chikako Takada: Renaissance woman. Ryokan proprietor. Opera lover. Friend of many. When I first met Chikako Takada, I was most impressed by her non-stop energy and enthusiasm towards life. At just … Read More

Breathe: Why You Need to Watch this Remarkable Story
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In this scene from the 2017 movie Breathe, there is so much amazing intercultural stuff happening. While this is not the full focus of the film, the lessons learned from … Read More

Keep Alert and Be Open to the Possibilities!
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It’s easy to miss the learning moments when whizzing through our days. And so hard to stay alert to them. Don’t you find that to be true? It seems we … Read More

Want to Master Change? Right this Way!
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Change is hard. I was struggling with that reality when I sat in the café with Emira, my Middle Eastern friend who is returning home very soon. She’s been counting … Read More

How to be an Authentic Peacemaker: Start with the Heart
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Why does it matter to the world if we are an authentic peacemaker? Is it even possible? Can we truly get into another’s shoes? Can we get to a place … Read More

Celebrating the Curious Diversity of the American Dream
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I’m always curious about how people live – the creative and diverse ways they live out their lives. I got a peek into another world one rainy Monday morning, and … Read More

What to Do When Truth Stares You in the Face
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It was time to say goodbye. But truth was, I found myself unprepared for the moment ahead. The background Emily and Jack from Taiwan would come by for an hour … Read More

Musings on Our Mess: Can We Make a Better World?
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“The mess we’re finding ourselves in is one of suspicion, anger, hatred, chaos and confusion.” This is the sentence I wrote in my journal a few days after June 12, … Read More

Get Creative When You Encounter the Unexpected
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At 7:02 am the power shut off. In that unexpected moment, everything seemed to stand still.  A Lengthy Blackout I thought it was a simple short, but it’s in a … Read More

Do You Need to Learn to Shut Up or Speak Up?
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Some of us need to learn how to shut up. Others need to learn how to speak up. Which one are you? Getting noticed Were you the kid in class … Read More

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