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A classic for international business people & anyone who wants to understand the whats & whys of etiquette & behavior around the world.
For those who are interested in practical ways to adapt to your host culture while keeping true to yourself, the author offers a host of grounded & applicable ideas.
These veteran interculturalists share applicable insights for individuals, companies & organizations to improve in the global marketplace.
The author provides a field-tested model & smart analytical framework for decoding how cultural differences impact international business.
Offering smart ideas about how to create excellent rapport within organizations, this book helps you to understand communication every step of the way across cultures.
A useful guide for professionals wishing to develop a genuinely diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace to enhance decision-making, productivity and retention.
Cross-cultural expert Richard Lewis provides provides invaluable insight into the beliefs, values, behaviors, mannerisms, and prejudices of every culture.
Full of case studies & fun, hands-on activities, this book is useful to foster better understanding in the workplace across cultures, genders & races.
Learn how to better minimize conflict while maximizing informational diversity drawn from a variety of backgrounds, values and experiences in the workplace.
Through creative storytelling, the author offers valuable insights & actionable ideas to help those in the workplace improve cross / intercultural understanding.