Get Creative When You Encounter the Unexpected
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  At 7:02 am the power shut off. In that unexpected moment, everything seemed to stand still.  A Lengthy Blackout I thought it was a simple short, but it’s in … Read More

How a Morning Run led me to an Astonishing Truth
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  Run along with me It doesn’t take much to sweat when you run in Singapore, even if it’s six in the morning. My feet pound the concrete of the … Read More

What Happened When the World Came for Thanksgiving
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My living room transformed into a mini-UN for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Irfan sat across from me on our “Thanksgiving Eve” international dinner. We had planned a small group, … Read More

Febbiante Kore: What Will She Grow Up To Be?
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Next month we’ll visit Indonesia, an archipelago of over 18,000 islands with quite an interesting amalgam of peoples, religions, and languages. It’s been almost 30 years since we last visited. And … Read More

This Is What Happened On Our First Date…In China (You Will Laugh.)
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When you are living in a country new to you, even the simplest moments can be an adventure. And this was true for our experience in China several years ago. … Read More

What Happens When You Choose “Yes?” Pizza, Pepsi & Pakistanis!
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I had to choose. This time, my choice might be a consequential one. The invitation arrived the Thursday before the Sunday event, in a Facebook message ending in a smiley face. … Read More

Can We Overcome Our Sugar Trap? A Revealing Story
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Craving sugar this season? What about one of these biscuits to satiate your sugar pangs? Marie Biscuits do not necessarily stand out as a preferred holiday food. In fact, they … Read More

The Art of Food and Friendship
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“A guest coming into our home is a celebrated affair,” my friend, Sakina announced. “We say in our religion that Allah is showing you an extra kindness when he brings … Read More

Traveling the World through Tea
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The aromas of jasmine, rose and oolong intermingled, wafting through the air as we entered the tranquil tea house. We discovered this character-imbued space nestled in one of Beijing’s remaining hutongs – … Read More

How to Sip your Way to Proper Politeness
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“Not another cup of coffee,” I muttered to myself as a steaming mug of “kohi” was placed in front of me. I wondered how I could exercise proper politeness when I … Read More