How To Change A Life: Pay Good Attention
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Sometimes, we simply need to pay good attention to the people around us. If we do, we might even change a life. A Simple, But True, Story Damon and Sara … Read More

How You Can Turn Tragedy into Unparalleled Opportunity
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“What do we talk about?” I knew this was a pivotal moment, but I didn’t yet understand my role. These thoughts came to me as we sat on the porch of … Read More

Let’s Not Forget What America Is All About: Immigrants!
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Sometimes we forget how America came to be. Ours is a nation of immigrants. As we headed up the hill on our hike, my American friend Shari told me of … Read More

You Can Travel The World Right At Home
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What is the key to living out a truly global mindset at home? No question, sometimes it can be easy to get so caught up in the demands of our … Read More

How To Cultivate A Generous, Open-Handed Mindset
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How can we cultivate an open-handed, as well as open-minded approach to the “other” in 2017 America? Why does it make sense to do so? (Please note: I wrote this … Read More

The Powerful Truth Of Making Friends For Life
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Although we were friends for life, 10 years had passed since our last embrace. So much had happened. And yet it was just like yesterday. And we both agreed – we … Read More

Who Are The Colorful Threads In Your Life Journey?
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There is only one person with whom you travel an entire life journey. That is yourself. No matter if you enjoy the rare experience of a 50+-year marriage, or intimacy … Read More

3 International Perspectives: How America Has Made Me Better
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Three international perspectives. Women I had come to know and respect. I sat on couches with these three women from three very different parts of the world. They were nearing … Read More

What Happens When You Choose “Yes?” Pizza, Pepsi & Pakistanis!
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I had to choose. This time, my choice might be a consequential one. The invitation arrived the Thursday before the Sunday event, in a Facebook message ending in a smiley face. … Read More

Close to the Headlines: 5 Ways to Respond in Love
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Have you ever felt as if the embodiment of current national or international news headlines was sitting in your living room? This incident happened in our living room about one … Read More

Behind the Scenes of the Happiest Place on Earth
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“The Happiest Place on Earth.” This is the tagline for Disneyland, and for many, it can be true. Smiling children. Fun adventure. Nonstop candy. Rides galore for all ages and interests. … Read More

Unveiling the Gift: Discovery through Challenge
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Farah’s initial shyness disguised her accomplished past. In her native Tunisia, she lived as a respected doctor. But her entire world changed in the last two years, almost as if … Read More

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