What Happens When You Bring Cake in China?
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It never would’ve occurred to me to purchase a cake in order to save face. But that’s what our Foreign Affairs Officer (FAO) urged us to do when we needed … Read More

Is That Really So Illegal? Cultural Views of Plagiarism
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During my sabbatical from high school teaching during the 2009-2010 school year, our family moved to China. There, my wife and I worked at a university as English instructors. My … Read More

How I Found Magic & Lasting Friendship in a Japanese Ryokan
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Chikako Takada: Renaissance woman. Ryokan proprietor. Opera lover. Friend of many. When I first met Chikako Takada, I was most impressed by her non-stop energy and enthusiasm towards life. At just … Read More

Getouttamyway! How to Interpret the Frenzy on the Roads of China
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I wrote this when we lived in China. Indeed, the getouttamyway! frenzy on the roads there provoked my imagination. What Might Driving Patterns Say About National Character? Living in Ningbo, China … Read More

Want to Master Change? Right this Way!
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Change is hard. I was struggling with that reality when I sat in the café with Emira, my Middle Eastern friend who is returning home very soon. She’s been counting … Read More

The Lure of Comfort: Gaining the Right Perspective
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Aran had a problem. While completing his undergraduate and graduate study in the U.S., he had experienced the lure of comfort. He slowly became accustomed to many amenities he often didn’t … Read More

A Story of Hope for this New Year’s Day
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When I reflect on where I’ve been on New Year’s day, one stands out in particular for me. It was New Year’s Day 2010, during the year our family spent … Read More

Enjoy this Funny Story About When to Say NO
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Every culture has specific rules of hospitality. Learning when and how to say NO is one specific challenge. For, if you don’t understand the rules, you can get into trouble. … Read More

What Happens When We Rise Up to the Challenge
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Living abroad as a family often forces you to rise up to numerous challenges and stretching experiences. Sometimes, you move forward eagerly. Other times, you find yourself reluctant. What we … Read More

How To Change A Life: Pay Good Attention
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Sometimes, we simply need to pay good attention to the people around us. If we do, we might even change a life. A Simple, But True, Story Damon and Sara … Read More

How You Can Turn Tragedy into Unparalleled Opportunity
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“What do we talk about?” I knew this was a pivotal moment, but I didn’t yet understand my role. These thoughts came to me as we sat on the porch of … Read More

How To Discover The Best Fit For Your Life
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How do we figure out the best fit for our lives? Namely, how can be discover what we’re good at, where we belong, and what we’re called to do? We’ve … Read More

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