Febbiante Kore: What Will She Grow Up To Be?
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Next month we’ll visit Indonesia, an archipelago of over 18,000 islands with quite an interesting amalgam of peoples, religions, and languages. It’s been almost 30 years since we last visited. And … Read More

How To Learn From the Locals To Avoid Disaster
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When traveling or living abroad, it pays to sharpen your attention & learn from the locals. Here’s an amusing true story where my brothers Scott, Ray, and I learned this … Read More

Boost Your Art of The Goodbye With These 5 Strategies
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Over many years working with international college students, I have had to say “goodbye” a lot. In more recent years, I’ve become friends with international wives, couples & families. We … Read More

This Is What Happened On Our First Date…In China (You Will Laugh.)
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When you are living in a country new to you, even the simplest moments can be an adventure. And this was true for our experience in China several years ago. … Read More

Who Are The Colorful Threads In Your Life Journey?
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There is only one person with whom you travel an entire life journey. That is yourself. No matter if you enjoy the rare experience of a 50+-year marriage, or intimacy … Read More

Trains & Time: What Happens When You Cross Cultures?
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When it comes to time, it’s quite accurate to to view northern Europeans as more time conscious than southern Europeans. Of course, this is an oversimplification. There are extremely timely Italians, Spaniards, … Read More

Are You Blinded by Home? You Should Consider This!
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So, you’re not blind, right? You’re reading this. But are you blinded? For me, traveling and living abroad have opened my eyes to a lot. But, I’ll confess. I still … Read More

How Can You Overcome Yourself? Take an (Unexpected) Hike!
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My wife and I enjoy getting out into the wilderness for a hike. We have always loved the feeling of cresting a hill and looking down on a beautiful mountain … Read More

Behind the Scenes of the Happiest Place on Earth
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“The Happiest Place on Earth.” This is the tagline for Disneyland, and for many, it can be true. Smiling children. Fun adventure. Nonstop candy. Rides galore for all ages and interests. … Read More

Finding a Way to Faith, Hope & Reconnection: Mariette
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Little did we know then that a little girl would become the point of reconnection for us to a special memory decades old. Indeed, Mariette’s smile was a treat nearly every … Read More

A Billion People Can’t Be Wrong: Just Dance!
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We can learn so much as we dance through the changing seasons of our lives. Such was the case for our Chinese friend, Da Chun. It had been five years since … Read More

Can We Overcome Our Sugar Trap? A Revealing Story
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Craving sugar this season? What about one of these biscuits to satiate your sugar pangs? Marie Biscuits do not necessarily stand out as a preferred holiday food. In fact, they … Read More

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