How to Raise Kids for Global Good – Start HERE
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What does it mean to raise kids for global good? And why should it matter to you? Here we’ll tackle these two foundational questions head on. Raise Kids At first … Read More

Breathe: Why You Need to Watch this Remarkable Story
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In this scene from the 2017 movie Breathe, there is so much amazing intercultural stuff happening. While this is not the full focus of the film, the lessons learned from … Read More

5 Secrets for Marriage Success in the Face of Divides
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We have two sets of German friends. Each couple is in a marriage spanning the former East-West Germany divide. I’m sure many dramatic stories of love affairs between east and … Read More

What Happens When We Rise Up to the Challenge
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Living abroad as a family often forces you to rise up to numerous challenges and stretching experiences. Sometimes, you move forward eagerly. Other times, you find yourself reluctant. What we … Read More

How You Can Turn Tragedy into Unparalleled Opportunity
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“What do we talk about?” I knew this was a pivotal moment, but I didn’t yet understand my role. These thoughts came to me as we sat on the porch of … Read More

Up Close & Personal: What Happens When Pakistanis Marry
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At the end of this week, our oldest child – a son – will marry. As our minds have been filled with wedding details, I felt this piece on weddings … Read More

Unbridled Joy: The Day I Met My First Child
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It was just before lunch. That much I remember. Intense emotions – joy, wonder, overwhelm – ran through me as I stared into those bright blue, inquiring eyes. “Where am … Read More

Arranged Marriage: A View from the Inside Out
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“My belief is that whatever your parents decide for you is for the better.” “My parents, especially my father, always encouraged me to do things for myself.” It would be … Read More

Katei-Ka: Home Ec the (Surprising) Japanese Way
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I remember my only Home Economics, or “Home Ec,” class, packed into the spring semester of my 8th grade year. I still recall the room, filled with giggling, pubescent girls. … Read More

Ready, Set, Jump out of the Mainstream
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Before even arriving at the altar, my then-boyfriend and I contemplated our future together. We both were committed to taking the jump and raising our family overseas together. This common dream … Read More