Eye-Opening Ways To Communicate Good In The World
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While traveling through East Asia recently, there were so many times when I wanted to communicate good. But I’d immediately come up against my own limitations. This is no surprise; … Read More

How To Master The Art Of Crossing The Street
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I hold my breath, and take the step into the street. A tidal wave of motorcycles, cars and small trucks descend on me as I begin to cross the four-lane … Read More

On The Roads Of Jakarta I Discover A Metaphor For Life
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Jakarta Dance They move to and fro, in an invisibly coordinated dance. Cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses, moving in a rhythm and cadence that at once appear both choreographed and … Read More

What Makes You Truly Free? Perspectives On Freedom
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As we approach the Fourth of July, Americans get ready to celebrate freedom. But what is truly free? From our time in Singapore, I’d like to explore some perspectives on … Read More

Why Global Competence Should Matter To You
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Over 30 years ago I first started paying attention to the world. Now it’s time we all do. This is called “global competence.” You see, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and … Read More

These 5 Actions Will Make You A Better Human
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Sometimes we just get by. But, in our finer moments, most of us wish to become a better human being. Why is that even important? Consider the English poet John … Read More

Redefining Bravery: How Do We Triumph Over Tragedy?
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Finding triumph in the midst of life’s trials and tragedies can be a tall order. But our Taiwanese friend, Selina, served as a remarkable example of a victorious turnaround. You … Read More

Boost Your Art of The Goodbye With These 5 Strategies
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Over many years working with international college students, I have had to say “goodbye” a lot. In more recent years, I’ve become friends with international wives, couples & families. We … Read More

How To Cultivate A Generous, Open-Handed Mindset
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How can we cultivate an open-handed, as well as open-minded approach to the “other” in 2017 America? Why does it make sense to do so? (Please note: I wrote this … Read More

The Powerful Truth Of Making Friends For Life
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Although we were friends for life, 10 years had passed since our last embrace. So much had happened. And yet it was just like yesterday. And we both agreed – we … Read More

Who Are The Heroes That Inspire You?
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Are you into collecting heroes for inspiration? I am. We can be inspired by people older and younger than us. One very cool thing about “hero collection” is it never … Read More

Why Should You Engage Across Cultures & Ethnicities?
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Why is it important to learn about and engage with people different from us? Especially those from different cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds? How does it benefit us … Read More

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