How To Score Victory as You Navigate a Transition
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I wrote this article just over a year ago (but did not post it). Still, it remains relevant. Again, I find myself on the verge of yet another transition. Change … Read More

Would it Have Been Better to Just Die?
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Have you ever thought it might be easier to just die rather than have to face the temptations and trials of this world? I had never given this question much … Read More

What Happens When You Bring Cake in China?
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It never would’ve occurred to me to purchase a cake in order to save face. But that’s what our Foreign Affairs Officer (FAO) urged us to do when we needed … Read More

Hospitality With Limits? What Do You Think?
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Does our hospitality have its limits? And, should it? I faced this question square on a while back. And it caused me to rethink my understanding of what true hospitality … Read More

Keep Alert and Be Open to the Possibilities!
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It’s easy to miss the learning moments when whizzing through our days. And so hard to stay alert to them. Don’t you find that to be true? It seems we … Read More

Celebrating the Curious Diversity of the American Dream
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I’m always curious about how people live – the creative and diverse ways they live out their lives. I got a peek into another world one rainy Monday morning, and … Read More

What to Do When Truth Stares You in the Face
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It was time to say goodbye. But truth was, I found myself unprepared for the moment ahead. The background Emily and Jack from Taiwan would come by for an hour … Read More

The Lure of Comfort: Gaining the Right Perspective
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Aran had a problem. While completing his undergraduate and graduate study in the U.S., he had experienced the lure of comfort. He slowly became accustomed to many amenities he often didn’t … Read More

Get Creative When You Encounter the Unexpected
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At 7:02 am the power shut off. In that unexpected moment, everything seemed to stand still.  A Lengthy Blackout I thought it was a simple short, but it’s in a … Read More

A Story of Hope for this New Year’s Day
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When I reflect on where I’ve been on New Year’s day, one stands out in particular for me. It was New Year’s Day 2010, during the year our family spent … Read More

Enjoy this Funny Story About When to Say NO
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Every culture has specific rules of hospitality. Learning when and how to say NO is one specific challenge. For, if you don’t understand the rules, you can get into trouble. … Read More

5 Secrets for Marriage Success in the Face of Divides
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We have two sets of German friends. Each couple is in a marriage spanning the former East-West Germany divide. I’m sure many dramatic stories of love affairs between east and … Read More

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