How Can You Have Powerful Global Impact from Home?
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Is it possible to have global impact from where we live, even if our immediate lives seem so disconnected from the horrors we see on our screens, taking place halfway … Read More

Keep Alert and Be Open to the Possibilities!
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It’s easy to miss the learning moments when whizzing through our days. And so hard to stay alert to them. Don’t you find that to be true? It seems we … Read More

How to be an Authentic Peacemaker: Start with the Heart
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Why does it matter to the world if we are an authentic peacemaker? Is it even possible? Can we truly get into another’s shoes? Can we get to a place … Read More

What Happens When Diverse Languages & Cultures Collide?
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A short essay exploring the outcome of diverse languages & cultures coming together We sit in a traditional Balinese, open-air, building with ornate woodwork and richly decorated furniture. This restaurant … Read More

Musings on Our Mess: Can We Make a Better World?
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“The mess we’re finding ourselves in is one of suspicion, anger, hatred, chaos and confusion.” This is the sentence I wrote in my journal a few days after June 12, … Read More

A Story of Hope for this New Year’s Day
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When I reflect on where I’ve been on New Year’s day, one stands out in particular for me. It was New Year’s Day 2010, during the year our family spent … Read More

5 Secrets for Marriage Success in the Face of Divides
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We have two sets of German friends. Each couple is in a marriage spanning the former East-West Germany divide. I’m sure many dramatic stories of love affairs between east and … Read More

Smash your Preconceptions: Facebook “Friends” can be Real!
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What, really, is a “Friend?” I have 1,770 friends on Facebook right now. This is not bragging, it’s just what is. What does this tell you about me? You might … Read More

What Happened When the World Came for Thanksgiving
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My living room transformed into a mini-UN for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Irfan sat across from me on our “Thanksgiving Eve” international dinner. We had planned a small group, … Read More

How to Become a Natural at Crossing Cultures
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Becoming A Natural…When I Wasn’t At First Just this morning I took a moment to review my week. I gave some good thought to how I had spent my time. … Read More

How To Change A Life: Pay Good Attention
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Sometimes, we simply need to pay good attention to the people around us. If we do, we might even change a life. A Simple, But True, Story Damon and Sara … Read More

How To Make Small Gestures Count For Good
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Never underestimate the value of small gestures when you are relating cross-culturally. I learned this lesson well in my relationship with my Lebanese friend, Daria. We began our relationship through … Read More

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