How I Found Magic & Lasting Friendship in a Japanese Ryokan
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Chikako Takada: Renaissance woman. Ryokan proprietor. Opera lover. Friend of many. When I first met Chikako Takada, I was most impressed by her non-stop energy and enthusiasm towards life. At just … Read More

Breathe: Why You Need to Watch this Remarkable Story
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In this scene from the 2017 movie Breathe, there is so much amazing intercultural stuff happening. While this is not the full focus of the film, the lessons learned from … Read More

Getouttamyway! How to Interpret the Frenzy on the Roads of China
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I wrote this when we lived in China. Indeed, the getouttamyway! frenzy on the roads there provoked my imagination. What Might Driving Patterns Say About National Character? Living in Ningbo, China … Read More

What Happens When Diverse Languages & Cultures Collide?
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A short essay exploring the outcome of diverse languages & cultures coming together We sit in a traditional Balinese, open-air, building with ornate woodwork and richly decorated furniture. This restaurant … Read More

Enjoy this Funny Story About When to Say NO
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Every culture has specific rules of hospitality. Learning when and how to say NO is one specific challenge. For, if you don’t understand the rules, you can get into trouble. … Read More

What Happens When We Rise Up to the Challenge
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Living abroad as a family often forces you to rise up to numerous challenges and stretching experiences. Sometimes, you move forward eagerly. Other times, you find yourself reluctant. What we … Read More

How a Morning Run led me to an Astonishing Truth
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  Run along with me It doesn’t take much to sweat when you run in Singapore, even if it’s six in the morning. My feet pound the concrete of the … Read More

How You Can Turn Tragedy into Unparalleled Opportunity
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“What do we talk about?” I knew this was a pivotal moment, but I didn’t yet understand my role. These thoughts came to me as we sat on the porch of … Read More

In The Modern World, ‘Nyoman’ Is An Island
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Nyoman stands before me as a representative of the way the world is changing. Born in a tiny village above Ubud, Bali, Nyoman currently runs an Airbnb business at his … Read More

Opening The Secrets Of Knowledge To Benefit All
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I was fascinated by the history of King Sejong during our trip to Korea. Ruler of Korea from 1418 to 1450, he used the power of the pen to benefit … Read More

How To Decode Your Way To Foreign Language Brilliance
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Learning to decode a foreign language is not only a fun process, but it’s good for your brain! Garansi lebih cepat dingin atau uang kembali!  We saw these words on … Read More

Up Close & Personal: What Happens When Pakistanis Marry
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At the end of this week, our oldest child – a son – will marry. As our minds have been filled with wedding details, I felt this piece on weddings … Read More

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