Is That Really So Illegal? Cultural Views of Plagiarism
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During my sabbatical from high school teaching during the 2009-2010 school year, our family moved to China. There, my wife and I worked at a university as English instructors. My … Read More

Celebrating the Curious Diversity of the American Dream
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I’m always curious about how people live – the creative and diverse ways they live out their lives. I got a peek into another world one rainy Monday morning, and … Read More

Do You Need to Learn to Shut Up or Speak Up?
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Some of us need to learn how to shut up. Others need to learn how to speak up. Which one are you? Getting noticed Were you the kid in class … Read More

What Happened When the World Came for Thanksgiving
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My living room transformed into a mini-UN for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Irfan sat across from me on our “Thanksgiving Eve” international dinner. We had planned a small group, … Read More

Can You Be An Intercultural Expert? Start With Your Heart!
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It all starts with the heart. Understanding others who differ from us – across cultures, ethnicities, race, religion and any number of other potential “divides” –  is often a function … Read More

How To Become A Brilliant Cross-Cultural Ninja
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My Early Cross-Cultural Ninja Training In the earliest years of our marriage, my wife and I lived for two years in Japan. There, we encountered marked differences in how Japanese … Read More

Let’s Not Forget What America Is All About: Immigrants!
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Sometimes we forget how America came to be. Ours is a nation of immigrants. As we headed up the hill on our hike, my American friend Shari told me of … Read More

On The Roads Of Jakarta I Discover A Metaphor For Life
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Jakarta Dance They move to and fro, in an invisibly coordinated dance. Cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses, moving in a rhythm and cadence that at once appear both choreographed and … Read More

Unbridled Joy: The Day I Met My First Child
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It was just before lunch. That much I remember. Intense emotions – joy, wonder, overwhelm – ran through me as I stared into those bright blue, inquiring eyes. “Where am … Read More

Why Should You Engage Across Cultures & Ethnicities?
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Why is it important to learn about and engage with people different from us? Especially those from different cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds? How does it benefit us … Read More

Trains & Time: What Happens When You Cross Cultures?
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When it comes to time, it’s quite accurate to to view northern Europeans as more time conscious than southern Europeans. Of course, this is an oversimplification. There are extremely timely Italians, Spaniards, … Read More

Can We Overcome Our Sugar Trap? A Revealing Story
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Craving sugar this season? What about one of these biscuits to satiate your sugar pangs? Marie Biscuits do not necessarily stand out as a preferred holiday food. In fact, they … Read More

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