What Makes You Truly Free? Perspectives On Freedom
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As we approach the Fourth of July, Americans get ready to celebrate freedom. But what is truly free? From our time in Singapore, I’d like to explore some perspectives on … Read More

Why Global Competence Should Matter To You
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Over 30 years ago I first started paying attention to the world. Now it’s time we all do. This is called “global competence.” You see, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and … Read More

Unbridled Joy: The Day I Met My First Child
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It was just before lunch. That much I remember. Intense emotions – joy, wonder, overwhelm – ran through me as I stared into those bright blue, inquiring eyes. “Where am … Read More

How To Find Hope On This Side Of Paradise: Selina’s Story
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Where To Find Hope? It was a crisp, fall Monday morning when a bit of hard news came my way. Selina had passed away. This is my Taiwanese friend from … Read More

Redefining Bravery: How Do We Triumph Over Tragedy?
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Finding triumph in the midst of life’s trials and tragedies can be a tall order. But our Taiwanese friend, Selina, served as a remarkable example of a victorious turnaround. You … Read More

How To Cultivate A Generous, Open-Handed Mindset
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How can we cultivate an open-handed, as well as open-minded approach to the “other” in 2017 America? Why does it make sense to do so? (Please note: I wrote this … Read More

The Powerful Truth Of Making Friends For Life
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Although we were friends for life, 10 years had passed since our last embrace. So much had happened. And yet it was just like yesterday. And we both agreed – we … Read More

Why Should You Engage Across Cultures & Ethnicities?
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Why is it important to learn about and engage with people different from us? Especially those from different cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds? How does it benefit us … Read More

Who Are The Colorful Threads In Your Life Journey?
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There is only one person with whom you travel an entire life journey. That is yourself. No matter if you enjoy the rare experience of a 50+-year marriage, or intimacy … Read More

How Can You Cultivate A Heart For Justice?
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How do we cultivate a heart for justice, both in ourselves and in the hearts of those we influence? As we sipped on authentic green tea, my Japanese friend and … Read More

Can You Capture This Simple Truth & Make It Yours?
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You can find some of the most profound messages bundled up as a simple truth in children’s picture books. Such is the case with a simple paperback book I often … Read More

How Can Perspective Help You Become More Grateful? Yelena’s Story
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Gain a new perspective! Become more grateful! Which comes first – the chicken or the egg? Hearing this story from my Russian friend, Yelena, gave me an entirely new, deeply … Read More

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