CultureWeave Features

All of our offerings are built to help you

  • Design your Life for Global Good
  • Gain insight to yourself & the influences in your life
  • Better understand other cultures, values and ways of thinking
  • Connect across cultures well – whether at home, work, play, school, in the community, while traveling or living abroad
  • Become part of a movement!

What you can gain from engaging with CultureWeave:

  • Our Blog: Real stories, insights & tips
  • Products: Books + Tools (Ebooks to start), Webinars/Training/Courses, Team Building & TravelWeave (trips from 2017)
  • Resources: An Intercultural Resources Library unlike any other
  • Community: Through a weekly email and our Community Hub (An exclusive Facebook group to start)
  • StoryWeave: The opportunity to share your intercultural story
  • InterLoops: Online roundtables featuring people from 3-5 different cultures around a topic of interest. You can get to know better how others think.
  • HeartLink: Encouragement & tools for those who want to have eternal impact across cultures and/or are seeking spiritual answers to life.