InterLoops: So, Just What are They?

InterLoops are CultureWeave's online roundtables, webinars with a twist. We bring 3–5 people from different cultures together around a common theme, invite you to listen in, and ask them questions. It's a fabulous way to learn more about how people from different cultural backgrounds think & live, and expand your own mind & heart in the process. Let us know what you're interested in learning about through the form here!

We're working to develop our first set of InterLoops now. Here are some ideas in the pipeline:

Happiness • Marriage • Parenting • Education • Stories • Holidays • Gender Issues • Communication Styles • Growing up • Expectations • Taboos & Superstitions • Careers • The Elderly • "Fitting in" • Space • Language Characteristics • Faith • Money • Food • Gift Giving • Dealing with the Poor • Digital Life • Hope • Honesty • Literary Heroes • Pop Culture