Living Abroad / Returning Home

What are the keys to LIVING ABROAD well? How about RETURNING HOME? (What is "home" anyway?) Make use of these line-up of resources to explore opportunities as well as make the most of your experience living outside your home culture. We will add to this list over time. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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Join world travelers Lynne & Tim Martin as they sell their house and possessions and live abroad full-time. They share their various experiences, as well as tips & tricks about how you can do the same.
An insightful, humorous and challenging collection of anecdotes about living abroad. The author emphasizes how it is through the difficulties that the true value of living abroad emerges.
This book offers a comprehensive approach to moving abroad, showing you ways to cut your expenses in half without sacrificing and eliminating the things you love. Find out how!
The leading online and localized global membership site to connect you with relevant content as well as local community to make the most of your expat experience. Many excellent articles about interculturalism here.
A humorous, heartwarming true story of a couple who moved abroad and discovered the beauty of a new type of freedom. The author inspires you to "hit the reset button on your [own] life" through her narrative.
A trailblazing resource for working, living, volunteering and studying abroad since 1977. Plenty of useful ideas and connections for your next season as an expat!
This book aims to help you travel smoothly and seamlessly anywhere in the world. Written in a practical, no-nonsense manner, this guide offers 10 important lessons gained through the author's extensive travel experience.
Another exceptional membership site for those living outside their country. Country forums, expat resources and guides, information about real estate and international jobs, medical insurance issues+ are available here.
The premise of this book is simple: Enjoy a happier, healthier, more fulfilling retirement than you could possibly afford in the U.S. or Canada by finding the right, affordable place to retire overseas. And maybe learn about yourself as you do!
A creative site with excellent articles and ideas to inspire you to live a satisfying, global life even after your time abroad is over. A terrific resource!