003 The Art of Food & Drink Across Cultures


The Art of Food & Drink Across Cultures is #3 in a series of ebooks to help you and your group Design your Life for Global Good. Use this ebook in the classroom, with your small group, as a community group training resource, or when headed or living abroad.

We feature three articles here: How to Sip your Way to Proper Politeness, The Art of Food & Friendship, and Traveling the World through Tea. Thought-provoking questions will challenge your thinking, sharpen your mindset and offer ideas for further action.

Ages 12–Adult. We allow up to 10 replications (digital or physical) per purchase. If your group requires more, please purchase additional copies from us. Thank you for respecting this guideline.



Food & drink are common across all cultures, indeed a necessity of life! But the how, what & even why sometimes differ from culture to culture. Learn & grow as we explore how to excel in this area of cross-cultural connecting (and not just overeat!).


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