CultureWeave Products & Services

10% of all purchases through this website goes to support nonprofits doing excellent work to increase global understanding.

You can live a life of international adventure – at home or abroad – and design your life for global good. You can be an agent for lasting change! We're developing e-books and other practical resources to help you. Some for free, others for a fee.

Webinars are a quick-and-easy, low-commitment way to grow in your Cultural Intelligence and Intercultural Skills. For even more in-depth, actionable (and plain fun) content, try our CultureWeave Training courses – rolling out Winter/Spring 2017 and beyond!

Courses in Development

Grow Your Culture Smarts & Flex Your Culture Muscle

Move to China? What to Know

Diplomat at Home: Connecting with International Students

Doing Short-Term Missions with Intercultural Excellence

Need action? Inspiration? Or a mix of both? Book Caroline to work with your business team, short-term missions group (pre-departure), or other group seeking to grow as more effective interculturalists. Learn new mindsets, approaches, strategies, skills and resources.

Through TravelWeave adventures, you'll receive solid pre-departure training, powerful engagement with others in the group and the people on site. You will return home changed – and will gain skills to help others get involved as well. From 2018 onward.