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READ: Our Who, What and WHY?

Simon Sinek’s compelling book, Start With Why, and his renowned TED talk, How great leaders inspire action, compel us to confront the essence of our motivation to do anything. To ask the hard questions behind our actions, goals, plans, projects and ventures.

So here, let’s first address the WHY behind CultureWeave, and then work backwards.

WHY? It’s Personal…

Our world is broken. Something is not right. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this.

For me (Caroline), my first deep understanding of this truth came on a trip to Haiti as a young teen. Although I had encountered the homeless on U.S. streets and had visited Tijuana, Mexico before, this visit to Haiti opened my eyes to the brokenness and disparity in our world in a new way.

Our family had just walked off a white, gleaming cruise ship docked in the Port-au-Prince harbor. This trip was my dad’s dream; he had “hit gold” in a business endeavor, and this is how he wanted to celebrate. It was a first and last. But we were among the elite, living like kings and queens on that ship.

And then we stepped off.

Hawkers swirled around us, trying to sell us every imaginable item. But I pulled out of that mess. What caught my eyes was a girl about my age. Her clothes tattered, she begged on the street, not as a hawker but as one in true need. Our eyes locked. I gave her the few dollars I had on me. But I was confused about what I really should do.

I thought about that girl for a long time. Our lives and resources were so different, but probably many of our hopes and dreams were the same. I can still see her eyes today. That experience both haunted – and changed – me.

WHY? It’s Everyone’s Issue, Really

Today, a glaring expression of the brokenness in our world is the absence, or breakdown, in understanding across cultural, ethnic, racial and socioeconomic lines. That breakdown fuels the “otherization” of those who are not like us. It also prompts a tendency to remain within our own groups because we believe it to be “safer.”

But this is not the best for our world.

We are bringing CultureWeave to life because our world needs platforms to encourage deeper cross-cultural, cross-ethnic and cross-racial understanding. Ones offering creative approaches for building bridges instead of walls.

We believe the diversity of the human experience is a creative expression of the God who breathes all life into existence. While each one of us (each thread) is unique, woven together, we become a vibrant masterpiece.

Imperfect, yes. But this diversity, this woven masterpiece, is worth celebrating. We believe this path offers the best way to build bridges of peace, understanding and hope – something so desperately needed in our world today.

We also believe it is possible to both live a life of international adventure – whether at home or abroad – while also living for the global good. They are not mutually exclusive.

But you must be intentional about how you live your life.

We have been blessed to live this type of life. Through CultureWeave, we want to share our experiences with a world so in need of this understanding and practice.

For a deeper dive into our WHY, read here.


We want to help YOU better live out your own international adventure and design your life for global good.

We’re assembling a growing body of content as well as coaching, learning & training through e-books, webinars and courses (free and for a fee) to make you think about and better engage with our multicultural world.

We’re also cultivating an emergent community of Interculturalists and offering an opportunity to share your own intercultural experiences through our StoryWeave feature.

Finally, we seek to curate the best set of resources for cross and intercultural learning and growth on the web.


We are building CultureWeave for people with a global mindset – or those who recognize they need to grow in this area – because, at present, few resources on the web offer accessible tools and training to do this.

  • If people, places and things international excite you, you’re in the right place.
  • If your work or personal life involves cross-cultural relationships, CultureWeave can be an excellent resource for you.
  • If you have lived overseas – or expect to soon – this is your spot.
  • If you like to meet real people and experience real life when you travel abroad, CultureWeave is your type of place.
  • If you are multicultural, multiethnic or multiracial yourself, you will find some relevant stuff here for you.

If you are a non-Native English speaker but have a decent grasp of English, you bring a special perspective and understanding to our community. We need your insights! Please engage with us!

Finally, if you want to live a vibrant international life – whether at home or abroad – and contribute to global good, CultureWeave is for you.

We welcome you here!