Explore CULTURE through these excellent resources. All will challenge you to think more deeply, both about general issues as well as specifics. We will add to this list over time. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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The only way to change culture is to create culture. Rather than only consuming culture, the author challenges Christians to become culture makers to bring about change
Richard E. Nisbett, one of the world's preeminent psychologists, wrote this landmark book outlining his premise that human behavior is not “hard-wired” but instead a function of culture.
This book will inspire and help you to more naturally develop cross-cultural and cross-race relationships, lead multicultural teams, and equip you to help others to do so as well.
The magazine blog for travellers, changemakers, millenials and wellness junkies, connected with the nonprofit Humanity Unified, seeking to inform & inspire.
Why are people around the world so very different? What makes us live, buy, even love as we do? The author, a Frenchman in America, contends the answers are in the codes.
InterNations is a free membership organization for expats and other interculturalists to interact with other global minds. Join to read several insightful culture-focused articles, linked here.
The premise of this book is that it is in the differences among us where strength is found, where organizations, schools and societies can thrive when harnessed effectively.
Lively TEDxBergen Oct. 2014 talk by cross-cultural communications expert Pelligrino Riccardi. Riccardi is half English, half Italian, lives in Norway and has interacted with a wide variety of cultures. (19:58)
Although written as a textbook, this resource leads the reader through 34 culture clusters using metaphor – i.e., activities, phenomena or institutions that characterize a group.
Fabulous TEDxGlobal 2010 presentation by blogger & technologist Ethan Zuckerman, who studies how the world uses new media to share information and moods across cultures, languages & platforms. (19:45)