Culture Smarts

Discover how to build your CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE (or CQ, for Culture Quotient) so you can function more smoothly and successfully in your multicultural environment. We'll add to this page as we learn of new resources available. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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In our diverse 21st-century society, the ability to work effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultures is a must. Geared towards Christians, this tool offers practical tips & tools for all.
Common Purpose has been working to develop leaders who can cross boundaries for 25 years. It is active all over the world, and the organization offers a number of tools and resources for the growing interculturalist.
Using a scientific assessment approach, the author shows how increase your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) score to improve your decision making, negotiating, networking & leadership skills.
Julia Middleton, the Founder of Common Purpose, contends that in today's world, where problems cross boundaries, we need leaders who can do so even better. Developing CQ is no longer an option, it is an imperative. Read this article!
A primer for functioning well in our ever-connected world. This book is an excellent touch-stone for those who live & work abroad, but also for those who interact with other cultures in their home environment.
A seminal work on Cultural Intelligence, Common Purpose Founder and author Julia Middleton aims to equip leaders to develop & sharpen crucial CQ skills to give them a decisive head start in the race for better 21st-century leadership.
This resource offers cutting-edge tools and ideas for HR directors, corporate and diversity trainers, study abroad educators, college counselors and others to improve cultural competence in their group(s).
Another fabulous tool from Common Purpose. This will help you and your group/team assess where you stand on a variety of key variables along the pathway of improving your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) skills. Go to page to download.
In our world where cultures collide, we need some ways to better understand how to deal with the array of potential problems. Clash! offers manager, teachers, parents and others a framework approach to equip all of us to do better.
Master the framework outlined in this book and design your own cultural journey in a way that fits with your specific context. The principles the author outlines works across the spectrum of intercultural relations.