Discover FOODS from around the world through these excellent resources! These resources do not simply lead you to tasty recipes; they also open up new perspectives, engage you with story, prompt your creativity and other gastronomic adventure! We will add to this list over time. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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Over four years, food writer & blogger Sasha Martin cooked & ate a meal from every country in the world. An insightful epic of self-discovery, this memoir on food, family & forgiveness will challenge you as well.
Can you travel the world – whether via airplanes, trains, cars and other vehicles, or simply through your choices of food – and still manage to navigate the sometimes tricky challenge of a gluten-free life? Author Pam Kazmierczak contends you most certainly can!
Grocery store chain Trader Joe’s sells a unique array of product to help you travel the world! Use this culinary atlas to discover 140 tasty dishes requiring simple preparations so you can explore a world of flavors, right from your own kitchen.
Spices and herbs, also called seasoning, are a critical part of cooking well. They can transform an ordinary tasting dish into an incredibly delicious dish. And they are plant based. This book helps you understand how they can work best for you!
The subtitle for this book is "The World's Most Delicious Food Made Easy," and that it delivers! This volume brings a world of flavor, texture, and enticing aromas to your everyday meals, no matter your skill level, using ethnic ingredients available almost everywhere.
A delightful tale of food & culture, where love & rivalry intermingle and produce something new! Against the backdrop of a French village, an Indian culinary family builds a life after tragedy strikes. (Film version listed under "Fun Stuff.")
A global photographer, author Gabriele Galimberti draws from his own treasured culinary experiences with his grandmother and decided to capture the universal language of food and family as prepared by grandmothers in the sixty countries he visited.
With the right ingredients, good recipes and a little patience, you can discover tastes from all over the world right in your own kitchen. This simple volume unlocks the ingredients – and mindsets – from 25 different culture groups around the world!
Have fun while learning more about the foods and flags of 15 nations around the world! A fun exercise or activity with children and adults alike. Marvelous offers a variety of creative ideas for your discovery.
A terrific website with hundreds of simple and tasty recipes from around the world. Recipes are simply listed and explained even for the most beginner chef. A treasure-trove of culinary culture discovery!