Fun Stuff

We all like to have just plain FUN sometimes, right? Here you'll find hours of fun & play – as well as learning (shh!) and some drama – about different cultures and how they work together...and not! We'll keep adding to this section. Really, it's not hard to find the fun stuff! Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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Many know of the classic, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And of course My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 hits theaters Spring 2016. Not as many know about this 11-part series. Hilarity & cross-cultural moments abound.
What happens when cultures collide? Sudanese 'Lost Boys' in American suburbia? Find out through this story based upon true events. Real & raw, with scenes that will both make you laugh & cry, this one's sure to stay with you.
A must-see for interculturalists AND foodies! Based on the best-selling novel, this culinary adventure across cultures causes the viewer to reflect and laugh all at once. One of our favorites!
OK, confessions. This one may be a little "sappy" for the guys, but the drama and love story here is both powerful and sweet, with American, British and Italian cultural interplay. And who wouldn't love shots of the Italian countryside?
A hilarious sneak peek into a specific cultural group, the Gujarati of western India, and their diaspora in the U.S. and elsewhere. Deals with serious issues (who will I marry?) in a way that makes you laugh, cry and think a lot.
The first film made in Saudi Arabia and released to international acclaim, 10-year-old Wadjda is a girl with moxie and dreams. Fabulous insights into Saudi culture and mindset. Full of inspiration and hope!
Talk about inspiration! Noble is the true story of an Irish woman who defies all odds and ends up having a huge impact on the lives of children halfway around the world. Powerful, compelling, a movie not to miss – nor forget!
A fun game to play, especially with an international group! Challenging at times, but not too much. This game offers opportunities for 2–6 (or more, if paired in teams) players, ages 10 and up. You won't be bored with this board game!
Witty and entertaining, this film deals with issues of life, death, inheritance, expectations and (mis)understanding. The story is charming; the characters are not always so. But you'll learn some interesting points of French culture along the way. Worth it!
Snail mail? Really? Yes, it's still alive and well, and sometimes a great way to connect across cultures. While this article is on, don't think this means guys can't get in on the fun. You may just develop a lifelong friend in the process!