Find a treasure of LANGUAGE-LEARNING resources here! Whether you simply want to travel a bit smarter, or connect more deeply across the language divide, you can find resources here to help. We will add to this list over time. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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Benny the Irish Polyglot has become well known around the world for his fun-loving approach to life and languages. Fluent in over 7 languages, all learned as an adult, Benny offers tips and tools for you to develop fluency too.
Learn any one of 16 languages (currently) completely for FREE, on your timeframe, using this amazing crowdsourced app. Most of the languages are European, though the Duolingo team has aspirations to expand.
This is Benny Lewis' technique boiled down into book form. Benny believes his approach will work for anyone, whether you've got the "language gene" or not. Dedication – and shortcuts – are the key. Benny inspires both!
Innovative app available in both free (with limited features) and paid versions. This app is an excellent tool to have when you travel to countries where you don't know the language. A business version is available too.
Gabriel Wyner speaks six languages fluently at age 30. He didn't grow up speaking them, nor did he learn them in school. Instead, he developed simple techniques and and made use of free online resources. Wyner reveals what he’s discovered here.
A social networking site allowing you to learn your preferred language with native speakers and others from all over the world! Dynamic and 21st-century styled language learning.
Here's an innovative site for people wishing to learn a language through exchange or 1-to-1 online teaching. The first is free, the second for a fee. Langademy allows you to make online video calls with native speakers in their community who are all over the world and practice the foreign languages you want to learn when you want.
italki allows you to connect one:one with 1000+ qualified teachers and 2000+ qualified tutors in any language in the world! Explore the site to determine if this approach is best for you.
HelloTalk promotes itself as a tool for learners on the go. This app allows you to connect with native language teachers all over the world, grow your capacity to understand and communicate, and learn in real time.
Chris, a young not-Chinese man, has become fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and he'd like to help you learn how to as well. His site is loaded with tips and tools to help you do just that. He also offers tools, training & coaching for those who want more.