Our MINDSET impacts our understanding of ourselves – and others. Explore this area and its impact on culture through these powerful resources. We will add to this list over time. Don't see a resource you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, unwraps the power of mindset, pulling from decades of research on achievement and success, in this riveting read.
This book provides you with a macro comparison of the most significant cultural similarities & differences you’ll encounter as you travel across today’s multicultural environment—at home and abroad.
Leading psychologists Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald explore the hidden biases we all carry from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes about age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, etc.
Too many of us operate from an inward mindset. Produced by the world-famous Arbinger Institute, this book challenges us to develop a more outward-looking focus and offers time-tested tools and techniques to do so.
Acclaimed Social Psychologist Claude M. Steele explores issues of stereotypes and identity to help us all better understand ourselves and how we see the world.
Developing a global mindset is paramount to functioning well in our 21st-century world. This book offers 11 solid steps for you to cultivate this mindset and leverage it in your personal and professional life.
Every day the world is pulling at us, shaping and influencing our private thoughts and instincts, and much of the time this goes unrecognized. The author explores these context dynamics, and more. A fascinating read!
A leader in the exploration and cultivation of mindset, for individuals, groups, institutions and international bodies since 1979, Arbinger offers a proven consulting and training approach to raise you to the next level.
Leading cultural psychologists Hazel Markus & Alana Conner reveal how the clash of independence and interdependence can ignite tensions at individual, institutional and international levels. And then they offer ideas on how to strike a balance.
For healthcare professionals in particular, this article (and the main site) offers a mindset approach in understanding how to best interact (and treat) people coming from different cultural backgrounds than you as the provider.