Want to raise intercultural kids into people with hearts for our world? Check out this vast and growing PARENTING collection, for use with little ones to late teens, including books & materials specifically for parents. This section is also appropriate for third-culture kids/adults and educators. Many of the resources in this section overlap with the Food, Living Abroad, Peacemaking and Service Libraries as well.

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For Parents & Emerging Adults 

Equip yourself to raise intercultural kids • Better understand the transition into adulthood when you are a Third Culture Kid (TCK).

How can parents cultivate in their young children a love for our world in a way that it will stick? This lovingly curated book of over 600 resources will help you do just that – promoting literacy, developing a global perspective, strengthening family bonds & increasing compassion.
In an effort to help children understand their place in the world better, both in a geographic and global sense, these stories by Post foreign correspondents feature the real-life stories of kids all over the world and communicate the value of unity in diversity.
The author has wrestled with her own journey of raising children who understand the difference between "need" and "want," helping kids to develop a healthier approach to material possessions as well as empathy & compassion – and a spirit of learning from – those who have less.
For the early elementary teacher (and homeschooling parents) especially, this book helps children learn to respect differences in race, culture, beliefs and opinions while championing the mind of inquiry and the heart of compassion to make our world a better place.
This combination parenting-educational advocacy book is packed with practical information, tips and real-life stories to help you understand what raising global children means, why global awareness is important and how to develop a global mindset.
Third culture kids (TCK)—children of expatriates, missionaries, military personnel, and others who live outside their passport country—have unique issues with personal development and identity. This revised edition offers fresh insights to both parent & emerging adults in the early 21st century.
In Growing Up Global, the author – a mother of three who has spent spent her career helping governments develop globally oriented programs and advising businesses on how to thrive abroad, shares with all of us her “parenting toolbox” to help give our children a vital global perspective.
Eleven-year-old An-Ya reveals her emotional journey in diary format as she is catapulted from a Chinese orphanage into a middle class home in America. It is a powerful, engaging read for late elementary and middle grade readers, added here because of the accompanying reading guide.
This book is an extension of the author's first book, offering scores of practical, hands-on ideas you can use in the home, outdoors, and in the classroom to cultivate children who have hearts for our diverse world, pursue lives of service, and become world-class global citizens.
This Reader and Parent guide offers a unique experience for parents to travel alongside their late-elementary and middle grade readers as An-Ya goes through the varied emotions of multicultural adoption, identity, etc. Especially valuable for those on the same journey.
For Young Children

Raise your little ones with a global, multicultural mindset right from the start. Here are some excellent tools!

A sweet introduction to the many cultures and races of the world, this treasure helps little ones grasp the similarities among people through vivid illustrations of kids celebrating birthdays, playing together and swimming in the ocean.
A Life Like Mine profiles children from all over the globe leading their lives in different and fascinating ways. A joint project with UNICEF and the publisher DK, this book is dedicated to showing the varied ways children around the world live, eat, play, pray, study and go through everyday.
“Little one, / whoever you are, / wherever you are, / there are little ones / just like you / all over the world.” The author's message is that no matter where we come from, within our hearts “Joys are the same, / and love is the same. / Pain is the same, / and blood is the same."
In this fun & catchy book, kids gain a greater appreciation of the value and fun of differences – that it's good to have red hair and freckles, or big ears or be skinny and tall. This fun-loving book proves to kids that, in a world where fitting in is the norm, being different is what makes us special.
A whimsical journey with the cast from Sesame Street, this book celebrates the similarities and differences among us. At the heart, we are the same – we all have two eyes, for example. But our eyes are different shapes and colors.... And so the book goes. Great lessons for little ones!
Yum Yum Dim Sum is one of several books by the same author to introduce even little children to the variety of snacks around the world. The pages are filled with colorful pictures of tasty food (you can almost smell the aroma) and lively verse!
Give your children an opportunity to join with other children from around the world as they play, sing, and travel, trying all types of food and experiencing other traditions. This book cultivates an appreciation of diversity, helping even the littlest among us think of themselves as world citizens.
Showcasing classrooms in caves, boats and under trees among other unusual places, this book helps young children growing up in more affluent countries (and adults alike) appreciate the variety of ways school and learning can happen even in the most difficult circumstances. Inspiring!
With vivid photos, original art and poems by children from countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, this book suitable for kindergarteners to upper elementary (to read on their own) stands as a unique treasure. A lot went into the making of this book, and the quality shows!
This artistic book by photojournalist James Mollison really is for children and adults alike, as they explore through pictures and commentary the variety of lifestyles on planet earth and how different the sleeping spaces are of children all over the world. A valuable eye-opener and discussion tool.
For Middle Graders (ages 8 – 12)

Continue your journey cultivating an intercultural mindset in your middle-grade children. Here are some tools specifically for that age group.

While author Pam Muñoz Ryan's well-known book has been around for some time, the story of a depression-era ranch family in Mexico remains relevant to this day, and this more current edition has been updated in look and feel for modern readers. A classic!
A fun & educational card game that can involve the whole family (2–9 players), ages 8+. The game helps you learn all the flags of the world, the locations of the countries, and a lot of other interesting information. Great for bringing friends & family members together for laughter and learning.
Pakistani-born Malala and her story of speaking out for every child's right to an education has become well known around the world, earning her the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. This adaptation with powerful illustrations now makes it more accessible to younger readers.
Inspired by the author's childhood experience of fleeing Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon and immigrating to Alabama, this coming-of-age debut novel told in verse has been celebrated for its touching child's-eye view of family and immigration.
Author Mitali Perkins draws from her Bengali family background & life experiences to tell the story of 10-year-old Naima and her creative quest to bring income into their struggling family. Rickshaw Girl opens the reader's eyes to the rich cultural heritage & the challenges of growing up in Bangladesh.
Award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson crafts a simple but powerful tale drawn from personal experience. Her vivid poetry intertwines with an overall compelling narrative, highlighting the challenges an African American girl growing up in tumultuous 1960's America faces.
Perkins again weaves a masterful tale, this time about a young boy torn between his duty to his parents and doing what his heart says is right – saving a young tiger cub that has escaped the reserve. Join Neel on this journey as he navigates this challenging path and grows in the process.
The story of a young girl during WWII who defies the odds of her physical impairment, pushing boundaries to forge new relationships. Will these relationships stand the test of time and become stronger as a result? Friendship and fidelity are at the heart of this novel.
Completely revised and updated, this atlas for young to middle grade students comes with geo-themed games, crosswords, picture puzzles, challenging readers young and old alike to explore and interact with our world in new ways. Colorful, accurate and relevant.
Told through a mix of traditional narrative and journal entries, Just Like Me is a heartwarming and compelling story of girls who discover the strange mix of similarities and differences among them. This book is especially appropriate for adoptive families and adoptees themselves.
For Young Adults (ages 13 – 18)

While young adult readers usually make their own choices, here are some resources home-schooling parents and educators might want to suggest.

Set against the political and military backdrop of modern-day Burma, this coming-of-age story about two young boys on opposite sides of the war between the Burmese government and the Karenni ethnic minority group raises relevant questions for all young adult readers.
Margarita, a young immigrant to the U.S. dreams of her beloved Cuba amidst the concrete busyness of growing up in Los Angeles. When tension breaks out between Cuba and the U.S., Margarita's worlds collide in ways she never could have imagined.
Only 15 years old, Knud Petersen is equally appalled by the Nazi's advance as well as what he perceives as an apathetic response by the adults he knows. So, he rallies his peers and they try to make a difference. Their actions spurred the adults to finally stand up to the enemy.
A simply enchanting tale about mending broken hearts, self-discovery, and the creative intermingling of literature and real life, set in the streets of Paris, southern France and involving a charming, eclectic cast.
This is the true story of a Russian city under siege in WWII: the triumph of bravery and defiance in the face of terrifying odds. It is also a look at the power—and layered meaning—of music in beleaguered lives. A disturbing yet powerful story of resilience.
An award-winning novel , Code Name Verity is a visceral read of danger, resolve, and survival revealing just how far true friends will go to save each other. Set against the backdrop of WWII Europe, this novel champions the role of women played in the war.
We have here an intense, narrative nonfiction account of how whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg transformed from obscure government analyst into "the most dangerous man in America," risking everything to expose years of government lies during the Nixon / Cold War era.
Young Bruno does not understand why his life in the city must end and his family is transferred to the countryside. And then when exploring one day, he "meets" a boy his own age wearing striped pajamas. But he is on the other side of the fence. And thus begins an intriguing tale.
Blending espionage elements akin to The Bourne Identity with those awkward high-school-awkward-moments, THE ORPHAN OF TORUNDI is a quirky, cross-cultural tale of adventure, self-discovery and romance.
This adaptation of a true story of courage and will to overcome offers young adult audiences inspiration for their own lives. Lieutenant Louis Zamperini's wartime experiences build in him strength, resilience and faith to break Olympic records.