If your heart is for conflict resolution and PEACEMAKING, check out these accessible materials and resources representing the best of the best. We will add to this list over time. Don't see an item you think should be here? If so, contact us here.

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This classic book has helped millions improve their communication abilities when the stakes are high. Learn how to create a safe space to talk about almost anything, deal constructively with anger, and be persuasive not abrasive. Excellent for cross-cultural communications!
Authors Dr. Amir Kfir and Stephen Hecht offer you practical tools and easy-to-follow exercises for dealing with conflict, regardless of the cause. They point to the opportunities inherent in every conflict and ways to leverage them to everyone's advantage.
This book relies on the peacemaking principles modeled by Jesus to infuse life, hope and light into any situation of darkness, despair and confusion. These biblical tenants will enable even the most unsure to stand on solid ground even in the midst of conflict.
Author and teacher John Hunter shares from his classroom experience of over 30 years playing the World Peace game with his students. Through the game, they take on the roles of presidents, tribal leaders, diplomats, and military commanders and learn to solve complex problems.
This volume offers real-life examples, spot-on advice, and easy-to-grasp exercises demonstrating transformative ways to break out of destructive patterns, create useful dialogue in difficult situations, and find long-lasting solutions for conflicts.
Offering a powerful analysis of the dynamics of conflict and the art of resolution, this book is a practitioner's guide to take you step by step through the process of breaking deadlocks, overcoming differences and achieving sustainable wins for all.
The Circle has throughout history provided an opportunity to communities to come together to discuss and resolve problems. Offering a new take on a Native American practice, the Circle Approach encourages people in classrooms, workplaces and other venues to come together.
Led by Pastor Rick Love, an internationally-recognized expert in Christian-Muslim relations, Peace Catalyst International aims to stimulate peacemaking between individuals and between peoples, promoting multi-dimensional reconciliation (with God, people, and creation).
This bestseller produced by the Arbinger Institute makes the case that conflicts, whether in the home, workplace or world, all stem from a singular source. If we are systematically misunderstanding that, then we often perpetuate the problem. But there IS a better way!
IJM's goal is to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible. IJM's initiatives and on-the-ground work sound a clarion call in the fight against human trafficking around the world. They are protecting over 21 million people from violence every year.