StoryWeave Guidelines

For your convenience, a printable PDF version of the content below is available here.


  1. We are seeking submissions that elevate and enlighten peoples’ thinking and perspective. Even if your story/article is about a difficult situation, the overall message should point the reader towards a hopeful conclusion or solution.
  2. All stories should be about real people and experiences, with a cross-cultural or intercultural flavor.
  3. Appropriate pseudonyms (created names) should be used in your story for privacy and security reasons in all cases. Pseudonyms should match the culture(s) featured.
  4. Stories should be between 300 – 800 words long. Please give a title to your piece.
  5. Please include at least one quality photo that complements your story. Pictures must be in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format. Please see item (1) under COPYRIGHTS below.


  1. CultureWeave does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of facts or figures. Proper steps should be taken by you as the author to verify any information you convey in your story/article.
  2. Please edit your submission to the best of your ability. We reserve the right to edit your submission for clarity and ease of reading online. This includes developing a stronger title or replacing the picture if we deem necessary.
  3. We will notify you within 48 hours to confirm we have received your submission. We aim to let you know within 10 business days whether or not the piece will be published, and when.
  4. Submissions must be appropriate in content. No profanity, sexually explicit content, political commentary or fanatical religious messages will be accepted. We reserve the right to deny any submission.


  1. All pictures submitted must either be your own personal photos, royalty-free stock photos, or stock photos that you own. Please provide a URL for the photo (unless it is your personal photo). Upon submission, you give CultureWeave the permission to publish the photograph.
  2. CultureWeave is copyrighted. In submitting your story/article, you as the author automatically grant permission to CultureWeave to publish your submission, first online and later in book form. Once a work is published, the author can request CultureWeave’s permission to publish the story/article in another place as long as the publication differs in focus and intent from the CultureWeave website and business.

Please remember to include the following with your submission: (a) at least one quality picture that complements your story in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format; (b) a brief bio (100 words maximum); and (c) a profile picture of you (good quality).

Please direct any questions to Caroline DePalatis, [email protected].

Thank you for your interest!