Tell us YOUR Story!

What has been your experience connecting across cultures, whether at home or abroad? What did you learn? How did your experience change you? What can you share with others to help them? What do you want to share with the world?

CultureWeave offers a place for you to share your cross-cultural/intercultural experiences and insights through our StoryWeave blog. We see this as a great benefit for you, us, and our growing community.

For you: You get heard, published, and build your writing or interviewing/speaking experience!

For us: CultureWeave builds its reputation as the go-to place for cross/intercultural storytelling, resources & training.

For our Community: We can grow from other people's experiences and often apply those lessons to our lives.

We especially love to hear stories from non-Native English speakers. Please let us determine if your English meets our standards. (Most of the time, it will!)

We offer two options to share your story: (1) Write for us OR (2) Let us interview you! Please read over the options below. Make sure to check out our StoryWeave Guidelines in either case. Please read over the options below. Note: Incomplete submissions cannot be considered.

Submit a Written Story

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Sharing your story can be a profound and worthwhile experience.

We encourage you to submit a story about a specific experience, insight, lesson learned, perspective or relationship. The more specific, the better.

We are especially interested in submissions from non-Native English speakers. If the piece meets our criteria, we'll do our best to work with you!

That said, this is not a place to simply get your English corrected. If we sense that is your intent, we will deny your submission. 

Please read through our Guidelines before you write your story. Then click the button below to get started!

Request an Interview


We recognize some people would prefer to tell their cross/intercultural stories verbally instead of in written form.

If that is the case for you, we can make every attempt to arrange a time to conduct an interview via the best available internet technology if you are selected.

StoryWeave Guidelines still apply in the case of interviews, so please make sure you have read over and are familiar with them.

We are especially interested in the stories of non-Native English speakers, so please do not be shy! The world needs to hear your stories, and this is a great platform to share.

The interview process takes us longer. Thank you for your patience! 

If you have any problems with the buttons above, it may be because you are located in China or another area of the world not too friendly with Google. You can still send us your StoryWeave Submission Form (along with your story draft, if you have it, accompanying photo and profile picture) or your Interview Request Form to [email protected]

If you send it to us this way, please put "StoryWeave/Your Name" or "Interview/Your Name" in the subject line. Thank you.