How I Found Magic & Lasting Friendship in a Japanese Ryokan
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Chikako Takada: Renaissance woman. Ryokan proprietor. Opera lover. Friend of many. When I first met Chikako Takada, I was most impressed by her non-stop energy and enthusiasm towards life. At just … Read More

How a Morning Run led me to an Astonishing Truth
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  Run along with me It doesn’t take much to sweat when you run in Singapore, even if it’s six in the morning. My feet pound the concrete of the … Read More

What Happens When You Choose “Yes?” Pizza, Pepsi & Pakistanis!
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I had to choose. This time, my choice might be a consequential one. The invitation arrived the Thursday before the Sunday event, in a Facebook message ending in a smiley face. … Read More

5 Powerful Ways to Bridge Culture, Ethnicity & Race
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Sometimes we get a chance to bridge cultures, ethnicities, and races without even realizing it. For example, I’ll never forget the first time I met Holly. She would become my … Read More

Can We Overcome Our Sugar Trap? A Revealing Story
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Craving sugar this season? What about one of these biscuits to satiate your sugar pangs? Marie Biscuits do not necessarily stand out as a preferred holiday food. In fact, they … Read More

Sumo: Is it all about Fat Guys?
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Sports are important in all cultures. For most of the world football (called soccer in the U.S.) is king. Many cultures, however, have their own national pastimes. The Japanese, for … Read More

3 Cultures Meet at a (Coffee) Bar: Understanding the Definitions
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Cross-Cultural runs into MultiCultural and they go get a coffee together. While imbibing their brew, InterCultural spies them from afar. They invite her to pull up a chair to their … Read More

Language (& Culture) Lessons at a Train Station
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The summer sun was setting over the city as our train rolled into the Gare du Nord, a Paris central train station. I wasn’t in the mood for a cultural lesson. See, … Read More

Just a Little Story about Culture, Destiny, Faith…and Coffee
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I settled into the seat at the coffee shop next to them, intending to focus on my work for the next hour and a half. At least, that’s what I … Read More

East meets West in Song
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The sound man was the epitome of “cool.” His hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a stylish cap turned backward on his head. He prepared to help us record … Read More