What Happens When Diverse Languages & Cultures Collide?
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A short essay exploring the outcome of diverse languages & cultures coming together We sit in a traditional Balinese, open-air, building with ornate woodwork and richly decorated furniture. This restaurant … Read More

In The Modern World, ‘Nyoman’ Is An Island
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Nyoman stands before me as a representative of the way the world is changing. Born in a tiny village above Ubud, Bali, Nyoman currently runs an Airbnb business at his … Read More

How To Decode Your Way To Foreign Language Brilliance
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Learning to decode a foreign language is not only a fun process, but it’s good for your brain! Garansi lebih cepat dingin atau uang kembali!  We saw these words on … Read More

Eye-Opening Ways To Communicate Good In The World
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While traveling through East Asia recently, there were so many times when I wanted to communicate good. But I’d immediately come up against my own limitations. This is no surprise; … Read More

How To Master The Art Of Crossing The Street
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I hold my breath, and take the step into the street. A tidal wave of motorcycles, cars and small trucks descend on me as I begin to cross the four-lane … Read More

On The Roads Of Jakarta I Discover A Metaphor For Life
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Jakarta Dance They move to and fro, in an invisibly coordinated dance. Cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses, moving in a rhythm and cadence that at once appear both choreographed and … Read More

Febbiante Kore: What Will She Grow Up To Be?
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Next month we’ll visit Indonesia, an archipelago of over 18,000 islands with quite an interesting amalgam of peoples, religions, and languages. It’s been almost 30 years since we last visited. And … Read More

Finding a Way to Faith, Hope & Reconnection: Mariette
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Little did we know then that a little girl would become the point of reconnection for us to a special memory decades old. Indeed, Mariette’s smile was a treat nearly every … Read More

Can We Overcome Our Sugar Trap? A Revealing Story
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Craving sugar this season? What about one of these biscuits to satiate your sugar pangs? Marie Biscuits do not necessarily stand out as a preferred holiday food. In fact, they … Read More

Early Morning Walks in Kupang: Lessons Learned
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One morning before daybreak we ventured out on a walk to discover the area around our temporary, but new, “home.” We were staying for a couple months on the outskirts of the small … Read More