How To Become A Brilliant Cross-Cultural Ninja
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My Early Cross-Cultural Ninja Training In the earliest years of our marriage, my wife and I lived for two years in Japan. There, we encountered marked differences in how Japanese … Read More

How Can You Cultivate A Heart For Justice?
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How do we cultivate a heart for justice, both in ourselves and in the hearts of those we influence? As we sipped on authentic green tea, my Japanese friend and … Read More

How Can You Overcome Yourself? Take an (Unexpected) Hike!
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My wife and I enjoy getting out into the wilderness for a hike. We have always loved the feeling of cresting a hill and looking down on a beautiful mountain … Read More

Katei-Ka: Home Ec the (Surprising) Japanese Way
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I remember my only Home Economics, or “Home Ec,” class, packed into the spring semester of my 8th grade year. I still recall the room, filled with giggling, pubescent girls. … Read More

Sumo: Is it all about Fat Guys?
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Sports are important in all cultures. For most of the world football (called soccer in the U.S.) is king. Many cultures, however, have their own national pastimes. The Japanese, for … Read More

Nail or Wheel? Cultures in Contrast
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While many Asian cultures are “group cultures,” Japan is perhaps one of the groupiest of group cultures. I had a very clear illustration of this truth – and the contrast … Read More

How to Sip your Way to Proper Politeness
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“Not another cup of coffee,” I muttered to myself as a steaming mug of “kohi” was placed in front of me. I wondered how I could exercise proper politeness when I … Read More