Breathe: Why You Need to Watch this Remarkable Story
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In this scene from the 2017 movie Breathe, there is so much amazing intercultural stuff happening. While this is not the full focus of the film, the lessons learned from … Read More

5 Secrets for Marriage Success in the Face of Divides
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We have two sets of German friends. Each couple is in a marriage spanning the former East-West Germany divide. I’m sure many dramatic stories of love affairs between east and … Read More

Trains & Time: What Happens When You Cross Cultures?
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When it comes to time, it’s quite accurate to to view northern Europeans as more time conscious than southern Europeans. Of course, this is an oversimplification. There are extremely timely Italians, Spaniards, … Read More

Arranged Marriage: A View from the Inside Out
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“My belief is that whatever your parents decide for you is for the better.” “My parents, especially my father, always encouraged me to do things for myself.” It would be … Read More