Time to Go Global with your Family?

The YourFamilyAbroad Course offers the tools you need to succeed!

Find solutions.

3-part MINI-course • 10-module FULL course

Both of these courses are learn-at-your-own-pace. The mini-course is ~ 3 hours of content. The full course is ~ 15 hours of content.

Our 3-Part Mini-Course Covers:

  1. Purpose
  2. Place
  3. Pathways

Our 12-Module Course grapples with these & other issues on a more comprehensive level:

  1. Dream, Discuss & Decide using your WHY as a Guide
  2. Consider your Unique Family Situation
  3. Explore the Options
  4. Calculate the Costs & Build a Budget
  5. Work it out on the Work Front
  6. Cover the Home Front
  7. Prepare the Kids | Ready the Overseas Classroom
  8. Navigate the Logistics
  9. Take off & Land well
  10. Make the Most of your Time While There
  11. Troubleshoot when the Unexpected Arises
  12. Return well, Wrap up & Reflect

We will add BONUS content to both courses over time. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to these courses.

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